Dame Myra Hess: Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto In A-Minor-Allow The Time!

My very favourite work of composer Robert Schumann. Dame Myra Hess used to present concerts in between NAZI bombings of London during World War II, in an effort to shore up the morale of the British people. Her heroism was expressed by doing what she did best. She helped make the world, one that was in utter chaos at that time, a better place.

One of the finest musical compositions ever written…

No Woman Cheese? Please?

I found this oddly named cheese @ the Market Street Safeway & pondered about the name, deciding to take it home & write about it. ‘No Woman?’ Curiosity & lack of information lead me to my Internet Search engine of choice: Safari–and I found, what seemed to be part of the answer, “No Woman” is part of a Bob Marley song. Wonder if there will be a cheese named after any of Petula Clark’s songs? DON’T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY–a mellow mustiness, best eaten room temperature with red wine that you bought from Costco!

What wine should I chose for this one? Tap water? What would King Solomon or Woody Allen do?

Why would a cheese company name a product 'No Woman?'  I AM CURIOUS YELLOW ABOUT THIS.

Why would a cheese company name a product ‘No Woman?’ I AM CURIOUS YELLOW ABOUT THIS & Found my answer via Safari, searching The Internet.

Bon Appetit!


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