Tonight: Is that five minutes till 9? Or nine minutes to 5? 9-5-Peaches per can?

Tonight, we get Peaches Christ et cie-presenting 9-5! Not much has changed, except now the bosses are women & the insanity comes from slightly different angles. It’s never about customer service, or getting the JOB done, but about making the boss look good. We still worship false gods & still go to their Christmas parties when we’d rather be somewhere else, instead of having to deal with people who like to score brownie points at the expense of a co-worker, to keep the boss happy!

Happy Days of Your Life: 9-5 You Tube

Dolly Parton Sings the Theme Song 9-5 in concert.

After watching the camera scan this arena, I totally ‘get’ Linda Ronstadt‘s career choice. When promoting her book in San Francisco, she mentioned that she did not want to spend the rest of her life singing in buildings that were designed for sports events…that the Greeks got it right with the invention of the proscenium Arch. “I wanted to sing on a stage that had curtains,” she said. Despite liking Dolly Parton & the classic 9-5 film & song, this inadvertently serves as a visual validation of Linda Ronstadt’s career moves.

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