The Sound of Lady Gaga–A Timeless Saga Handed Down To A New Generation

Last night, there were very few surprises @ the 87th Academy Awards. Then, Lady Gaga, sang a tribute to the Sound of Music. It was utterly thrilling to witness her vocal virtuosity & versatility. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an intact You Tube version, so the abbreviated version shared here will have to suffice. It seems that there was one, but it got pulled. Her tribute to Julie Andrews was a triumph for both women & proof of the timelessness of well written songs beautifully performed. And, never forget Mary Martin, who originated the role on Broadway!

It’s a shame not to be able to share this in its entirety. But you will have a sense of it, if you did not see the Awards.

Abbreviated Showing of Lady Gaga Singing Tribute to The Sound Of Music–22 February 2015.

The Sound of Julie Andrews

Mary Martin Climbs Every Mountain–Her Wonderful Acceptance Speech!

In this, The Sound of Mary Martin…

Rubber Dolly Redux–Dedicated To Linda Ronstadt

When Linda Ronstadt was interviewed here in San Francisco @ the long-hidden & splendid treasure of the Nourse Theater, as part of City Arts & Lectures, she spoke about family gatherings that revolved around making music & explaining that her career was an extension of this wonderful experience. Why Rubber Dolly, not forgotten, but not recently on my mind, popped back into place, I shall never know–but I am so glad it did. Our gatherings & music making (that’s a huge stretch of the concept) was more on the street urchin level, but family is where ever you find it, I suppose? How I EVER got away with throwing gravel at passing cars is BEYOND my wildest sensibility, considering how my mother would have beat me into a coma, had she found out how our bicycle-based music was sometimes punctuated. (Maybe it was pre-Anti-War Protest instinct?) At last, what never came out in formal any formal Confession: Confessions of a Former Car Gravel Tosser. Don’t do this, at home, or with others. But, please, do make music, without the gravel.

And the next Rubber Dolly installation is Ella Fitzgerald with some additions & fixes. The strange irony of the “out there” dutch music productions your online bootleg cyberstore pretty much confirms more of the information that Linda Ronstadt shared concerning the nature of how Internet has degraded the business of making a living as a chanteuse.

The final one in this cut (saying it this way to sound as if I am in the business) is by Woody Guthrie. The lyrics are significantly toned down, but you can experience that this is somewhat like linguistics, simply different ways of expressing the same concept. Adios & Ciao!

For A Few Moments, Let Jonathan Biss Channel Robert Schumann

I was introduced to composer Robert Schumann in a rather conventional manner, via a Music Appreciation course, taught @ Butler University, Indianapolis. I loved Robert Schumann’s music from the moment I heard it. Over the years since being introduced to it, I have played various recordings thousands of times. In this brief You Tube, pianist Jonathan Biss discusses the influence of Robert Schumann on his life. He has become one of the foremost contemporary interpreters of his music. I was fortunate enough to attend his performance of the Schumann Piano Concerto in A-minor. It ranked up there with the interpretation given generations ago by Dame Myra Hess. It’s clear both of them understood the inner sanctum that Robert Schumann expressed via his music. Their gift to the world was/is being able to have the technical expertise & love of the composer & his music & share that with the world.

Jonathan Biss: About Robert Schumann

Olivia Newton-John!

Words just not needed here! Will say I was partially raised in a State that is on the Banks of the Ohio, Indiana! I can listen to her endlessly…

Here’s a bonus:

Happy Father’s Day!

My father taught me how to use tools. I was not very good at learning this, but eventually, I caught on. I am still not as good at using tools as he was, but even with the small amount of retention I maintained, being able to use tools has helped me help others, and kept me from having to rely on others to accomplish simple tasks. I can trade tool & paint related jobs for computer stuff. I was lucky to have (and still have) a father who cared enough to teach me these things. The “tools” in the photograph were purchased @ Steve’s Candy in Galena, Kansas.

To all Fathers: This is your day, you deserve to enjoy it!

To all Sons & Daughters who have fathers: Thank them!

Of course the tools that my father used were not made from molded chocolate, but I thought it was cute enough to purchase @ Steve's Candy 500 West 7th Street- Galena, Kansas & mail it back to him, a way of saying  "Thank you" & sending love.  Hope I can do something like this next year, when the time comes.  At 84, we take it one day @ a time.

Of course the tools that my father used were not made from molded chocolate, but I thought it was cute enough to purchase @ Steve’s Candy 500 West 7th Street- Galena, Kansas & mail it back to him, a way of saying
“Thank you” & sending love. Hope I can do something like this next year, when the time comes. At 84, we take it one day @ a time.

You Tube: The Father’s Song-Matt Redman

Wishing All Father’s Happy Father’s Day!

Dusty Springfield–Just thinking about her…(1939-1999) Too soon gone.

When I first remember hearing Dusty Springfield, I had no idea that she was not an American. It does not matter in the long haul, but she, more than many others, in the “British Invasion” Era, sounded more like what we grew up with–sort of more American than many Americans, the way we jokingly say more English than the Queen. I miss her. Her legacy is still with & within us, in recordings, You Tube, and the like. But, she is gone, and was taken far too soon.

I gathered a few of these, put them together, just as a way of having a sort of visit with her. I am glad she made it in this country & the interviews, a bit lengthy, perhaps, offer tribute to her from her peers in the music world. It doesn’t get better than that.


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Interview from Peers About Dusty Springfield: B.J. Thomas & Petula Clark

The Sad Goodbye

Vierne 2012: Montréal

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Words are hardly needed. Cheering, even in private, hard to suppress!

Van Cliburn (1934-2013)~Requiem aeternam dona eis, et lux perpetua…

“In this short Life
That only lasts an hour
How much –how little–is
Within our power” –Emily Dickinson