Some People Are Just So Picky!

There are people in the world who don’t want to share their most delicious food with anyone! It’s so discouraging. Those little tykes did not hurt her, not one bit! They were full of love & so innocent! Let us all go to a French bakery & pretend just like it was in the film, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Maggots can be such sweet & lovely creatures. You can get them free with any croissant order. Now, if you don’t want all the extras that go with a croissant, and you wish France would restore their Monarchy, then order a sandwich. You don’t get anything extra in a sandwich, unless you pay more money for it. So, you will only get two slices of bread, and no maggots, and nothing else. If you want mayonnaise, that’s $5.00 extra, so is one tiny pickle slice. One paper-thin slice of meat will take a bank loan.
In San Francisco, we can’t even consider getting free maggots. If you asked for maggots on a sandwich, the person who takes your order, would be pressing one of those secret buttons under the counter, and an entire #SanFranciscoPoliceDepartment #SWATTeam would be on site within seconds. No, you can’t get free maggots in San Francisco. Everything costs extra!


Now, didn’t that just make your mouth water & get things going for your preparation for Halloween 2014? Of course, it did. Don’t try to claim that you would take this back & make all kinds of silly complaints. You have not seen the extra thick milkshakes yet.

Unless this leads to a national outcry, and that 5th Republic goes away with all those annoying politicians, this would be a good time to Restore the French Monarchy. The slogan will be perfect for all those picky eaters: MONARCHY WITHOUT MAGGOTS!

There, how one You Tube can complete the French Revolution, and go back 360 degrees to the way it was always supposed to be!

Bon appetit

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