The Clap Song–Wash Your Damned Hands!

Got you to look. The summer before I started 5th grade, I remember all of us in our little section of the town would ride our bicycles & wear this song out. We just sang it over & over & over & over, absolutely at the tops of our post industrial revolution lungs. We must have caused many crimes to be secretly committed due to our parents going over the edge. Yes, it’s true, we created the NEED for things like Valium, then Prozac. There was never an end to our larger-than-life bicycle performances of this song. We were there before there was Cirque du Soleil, before Elvis got fat, before Nancy Sinatra discovered boots. Our little small-town gang thing. What talent that went undiscovered! Well, here’s to that memory….just scroll down. And, it just goes to show you, you always learn something when you have these moments (they aren’t always ‘fits’!)–

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Clapping Song featuring Shirley Ellis!

And if you miss the bus, just let it go–watching this is more fun than being on time! One of the fun things I learned by doing just this tiny bit of research (after I had my fit of nostalgia) that the Rubber Dolly song is a bluegrass/folk classic & has been around for generations. Here is a concert version, without lyrics.

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