My Untold #ParanormalActivity With A Singing Banana-Finally Released!

My only encounter with a singing banana was one I got from Safeway. I just learned that Safeway is going to be purchased by some other bigger-than-Safeway company, probably owned by the Koch Brothers & Comcast. My singing banana, once safely home, told me that it was a hybrid, and that it sang like Vera Lynn. It also told me, that if I knew what was good for me, I’d better not go around making any silly Vera Lynn jokes.

My banana, then broke into a beautiful Sound-a-like Very Lynn song. I can’t say it was lip synching as the banana, hybrid or no, had no lips to synch. So, after the concert, the only sinking left was for my teeth to end the #ParanormalActivity, and to keep my word about not making any Vera Lynn jokes.

I think the Koch Brothers are so depressing, that it was an easy promise to keep to my lovely hybrid singer. So, a fond farewell, to my Vera Lynn singing sensation.

Vera Lynn, Proper & Prior To #ParanormalActivites of a Transformational Nature

For a brief, but better understanding of her role in Western History:

Dedicated to those who stood up to the forces of evil, while others fiddled almost to the point of extinction…

And Dame Vera Lynn, still living @ 97–no wonder Petula Clark keeps up her busy schedule–what a role model for any performing artist! Utterly amazing!

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