Hats By Paul: An Excellent Addition @ Film Noir Festival!

Paul’s Hat Works 6128 Gearly Blvd San Francisco, California 94121

It was fun to try on hats @ the booth on the mezzanine of the Castro Theatre set up by Paul’s Hat Works during the Film Noir Festival–that is, in between Noir showings back in late January, early February 2013.

I am thinking about going there just to find out what the experience of having a custom-made hat is like. My good friend, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, tells me that “nothing beats it & you must have several of them to wear if you have an endless round of world-scale social outings, as I do.” I may take her up on this sound advice.

Enjoy the video!


Asian-Art-Museum-21-February 2013-172-Lhttp://photos.snapfiesta.com/San-Francisco-Photo-Booth/Asian-Art-Museum-22113/i-Q77nctG/1/L/Asian-Art-Museum-2-21-13-172-L.jpg

Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte re-instituted the draft, focusing her unending dreams of military conquest & weapons of Mass Destruction @ the Terracotta Warriors during the Asian Art Museum’s Opening Party 21 February 2013. She fully intends to see to it personally that all their needs are met while she builds her Empire.


We need to be quiet so we can get the lesson here!

We need to be quiet so we can get the lesson here!

From Haight Street another lesson in ambiguity. It’s fun having simplicity be a challenge!


Sign from the Red Vic Theatre, that closed July 2011 & seems soon to disappear!

Sign from the Red Vic Movie House, that closed July 2011 & seems soon to disappear!

This place was like an old friend. I saw many documentaries here. Also, there were nights of classic films & other times just the screening of stuff that was weird & wonderful, but nearly always a delight on some level. I was in the area about a week ago & it appears that it is going to be torn down. I have to shed another tear for this unique film going place. Where else could one go & find couches lined up in the first two rows? That’s how they started, before they managed to get regular (normal) theatre seats, but wisely retained the first couple of rows of couches as a reminder of how they started. The film going experience is sadly losing ground to technology & the irony is not lost on me as I write this via the Web 2.0 experience–a fine outlet for sharing thoughts, but not a replacement for something we are losing that is very precious, and far more interesting than the noise provided by cellular telephones.

Goodbye, Red Vic Movie House! Popcorn served in wooden bowls that were returned, not thrown away! Can you fathom this? Goodbye! Goodbye!


Mayan-inspired multidimensional mural near San Francisco's Mission District

Mayan-inspired multidimensional mural near San Francisco’s Mission District

This photograph was taken 3 September 2012. I was lucky enough to have my point & click camera @ the time. It’s a marvel & a wonder–full of captivating details–enough ‘visiual food’ to provide a banquet for the senses. I have admired it for several years & finally remembered to post this after quite a long delay.

MELITA FASHIONISTA? Thoughts of Life After Diana Vreeland-Icon of Instinct, Intellegence, & Insight

IMG_1623Princess Melita Bonaparte 20 February 2013-@ Banana Republic (she hates the word republic) sponsored Vreeland Documentary

IMG_1622 The Princess With Melesio Nunez Pondering Their Next Fashion Passion?

THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL was shown with director Lisa Vreeland in attendance. After the screening, many thoughtful questions were raised by San Francisco legend, Joy Venturini Bianchi. Prior to show time, both were in the mezzanine & graciously supplied the Bonaparte Princess with autographs.

During some of our reading we came upon the concept of nepotism when one reviewer complained about one of Diana Vreeland’s great-granddaughter’s reading of her Great grandmother’s early magazine articles. We had to gasp at that one. Among other things, the film attempted to provide (but not dwell on) the context of family in her larger-than-life biography, referring to her parents, children, and being directed by her grand daughter-in-law. Bonapartes bask in nepotism. There were certainly other issues worth discussion.

It is clear, Diana Vreeland had an unerring eye for detail, colours, context, trends, and mixing the unexpected with the classic. Those who were elevated to her inner circle certainly benefited from her as long as they remained in her good graces. But that’s where the eye has to blink, and the mind needs to wonder, maybe even wander a bit. Perfection & blazing passion for control over her vision worked, making her the cultural “Empress of Fashion.” Did she need to sacrifice being nice to do this? Nice does not, in our thinking, equate with milquetoast. Instead, it allows a leader to naturally show respect & kindness to others, lifting them up, sharing your journey & your insights in a way to allow them the space they need. It’s clear, this was not part of her equation. She was not a nice person. You can get that from the muddle of confusion that her children express during their screen time. Diana Vreeland was a leader who inspired, yes, but she seemed to inspire an awe based more on terror & imitation, rather than an inspiration that was allowed to be transforming.

Of note, we wonder if it was in upholding this nature of vindictiveness that inspired the director to intentionally have Ali Magraw’s contribution shown in the worst possible lighting imaginable? Was this a Diana Vreeland-inspired punishment for a person speaking her mind, sharing memories that were less than 100% adulation?

It’s terrific to be a leader, wonderful to have ambition & success–Diana Vreeland, in the American tradition of self invention (shared with among others not so nice, The Duchess of Windsor). But can one really fathom the trade-offs, the hurts that were rendered along the way, that make a success like this possible?

We may just be improbably optimistic, but we think you can have your cake & eat it too, without inflicting rudeness or pain upon those who work with you. Imagine, just what if she had done all of this & had been nice too ‘the help’ in the process? What a story that would make!

Princess Melita Bonaparte Recruits Terracotta Soldiers

Daft Princess Melita Bonaparte Institutes Draft For Terracotta Military!

Daft Princess Melita Bonaparte Institutes Draft For Terracotta Military! 21 February 2013

Recalling rants of a few years ago, Princess Melita Bonaparte, took it upon herself to issue a proclamation, declaring that she would not tolerate weapons of mass destruction (she was not talking about Church) unless they were hers to use as she sees fit, whenever the mood strikes her. Her Opening Night Party presence, celebrating the Asian Art Museum’s showing of the First Chinese Emperor’s Tomb buddies, the Terracotta Warriors, brought with it claims of direct ownership to these clay fellows. “I am in line to all Imperial Thrones & the spoils of war as well as peace are mine.” By ‘spoils of peace’ (one which was new to our ears) we presume she means a high paying position based on nepotism. When asked, she responded, “My great-great-great-grand Uncle, Emperor Napoleon I, sort of invented it. I only took over where he left off. You might say that I am over qualified for this sort of thing.”

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