Small & Easy, Maybe Cheesy But Fun To Collect–Mill Valley, California Does Not Seem To Have One!

If you are looking for small & inexpensive item of a place you have toured & wish to have a reminder…Look no further than refrigerator magnets. Granted, it’s a matter of taste & preference, subjective to be certain. Some designs are much nicer than others, some are poor attempts to be clever. Airport gift shops are often good places to get them. The best ones are locally made, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. The more difficult ones to add to a collection are from very small towns, not found in airport gift shops simply because they are small towns a long distance from an airport, and many very small towns won’t have any.

In my travels, have found that small towns in New Mexico to be better about ‘local pride’ in terms of being represented via refrigerator magnets, than small towns in California. Especially enjoyed obtaining a very nice one about this time last year from Espanola, New Mexico, except that it had a tilda over the n, which I expect to be the name of the next Pedro Almodóvar motion picture: ¿Espanola ningún tilda sobre la n?

Have gone on several bicycle rides to Mill Valley, California, and have looked many times for a Mill Valley refrigerator magnet to no avail. Could there be a design contest for this one? I can imagine a reel of film in place of the usual mill wheel–a sort of combination of the town’s recent & ongoing history, tied into its past. Put a Mill Valley refrigerator magnet on my wish list!

Hope for a Mill Valley refrigerator magnet to add to my collection...

Hope for a Mill Valley refrigerator magnet to add to my collection…

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