Noir Mug Nabbing=Happy Ending! 1937 Buick Still Missing!

They shouldn’t have been so quick to clean off that lipstick on the Film Noir coffee mug claimed by the kleptomaniac Princess Melita Bonaparte to have been ‘lost in somewhere in the mezzanine’ of the Castro Theatre. –Daryl Sparks, Advertising Director, completely surprised the daylights out of the Noir dwelling Bonaparte by driving all the way from Petaluma  bringing  the Image

demanding & imperious  calls of the frantic Princess to a halt.  But, later in the day, Ms Sparks  had a Noir insight, “Why was that coffee mug so important to her?”  Ah, had they not run it through the dishwasher! The DNA  in the lipstick would have linked the Princess to the missing 1937 Buick!   That mug was on the dashboard the whole time!    Noir insights can come too late after the fact, and Melita’s on the lam, all lost & innocent, whilst being the beneficiary of Noir kindness.  She’ll come to a bad end, that one!   One day it will dawn on her that her 35mm days of crime are over & time has passed her by. 

Her Press Secretary released the following announcement:  Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, wishes to express her profound gratitude to the wonderful people of the Film Noir Foundation for restoring her to the Monarchy & for the return of the beautifully designed coffee mug.” 

You got to hand it to her, she’ll get them to do both things.  She always gets her throne, or gets someone else to do the dirty work & takes the credit for herself.   Be on the lookout for that 1937 Buick.  She knows all sorts of places to hide things like that.  (Hint:  Tenderloin!).





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