Lizabeth Scott (1922-2015)–Noir Will Never Be The Same…

I can’t exactly remember when I first became aware of Lizabeth Scott as an acting persona. It would have to be sometime in the Mid 1960s, when many films started to gain a following due to being televised via either the national network system, or the local/regional offshoots. My guess is that Frances Farmer may have hosted some of Lizabeth Scott’s films from her Indianapolis affiliate. ??? In any event, she made a very solid & favourable impression on me–her allure, her defiance, her real eyebrows, her lower & husky voice, all combined to show me a woman who was not quite like the other Hollywood Stars I was used to seeing.

She had a commanding presence, not beautiful like Grace Kelly, but more down-to-earth, but composed of enough glamour to lift her into what seemed a rarefied & slightly dangerous lifestyle. In her parts she was able to connive, charm, steal–and would make one horrible moral choice after another–and the men whose lives intersected with her came to a bad end. Today, we call them managers. Believe me, trust me, it was far more fun in play acting for films than the dreadful stuff of day time reality that will never be televised, nor ever see the light of day.

I miss Lizabeth Scott. I wish I could have gotten to know her–to get her take on what all those dramatic moments caught on film might have meant to her…Perhaps, it was just a job for her. But for me, it was a whole, new & strange way to see a world I would never be a part of, except either through television or at the back of an increasingly rare repertory theatre.

Farewell, Lizabeth Scott! You left us a fine legacy of the femme fatale….lessons that seemed to have been lost on the next generations who lived out what you played on-screen. Rest in peace. I hope we meet, some fine day!

You Tube Montage of TOO LATE FOR TEARS–Starring Lizabeth Scott

A Beautiful Visual Tribute to Lizabeth Scott via You Tube:

Slap for Too Late For Tears--Princess Melita Bonaparte's Parody of this splendid Noir Masterpiece!

Slap for Too Late For Tears–Princess Melita Bonaparte’s Parody of this splendid Noir Masterpiece!

A Photograph of the Actual Poster Used to Promote Too Late For Tears

Film Poster For TOO LATE FOR TEARS--on its own merit.  February 2014-Castro Theatre.

Film Poster For TOO LATE FOR TEARS–on its own merit. February 2014-Castro Theatre.


My Untold #ParanormalActivity With A Singing Banana-Finally Released!

My only encounter with a singing banana was one I got from Safeway. I just learned that Safeway is going to be purchased by some other bigger-than-Safeway company, probably owned by the Koch Brothers & Comcast. My singing banana, once safely home, told me that it was a hybrid, and that it sang like Vera Lynn. It also told me, that if I knew what was good for me, I’d better not go around making any silly Vera Lynn jokes.

My banana, then broke into a beautiful Sound-a-like Very Lynn song. I can’t say it was lip synching as the banana, hybrid or no, had no lips to synch. So, after the concert, the only sinking left was for my teeth to end the #ParanormalActivity, and to keep my word about not making any Vera Lynn jokes.

I think the Koch Brothers are so depressing, that it was an easy promise to keep to my lovely hybrid singer. So, a fond farewell, to my Vera Lynn singing sensation.

Vera Lynn, Proper & Prior To #ParanormalActivites of a Transformational Nature

For a brief, but better understanding of her role in Western History:

Dedicated to those who stood up to the forces of evil, while others fiddled almost to the point of extinction…

And Dame Vera Lynn, still living @ 97–no wonder Petula Clark keeps up her busy schedule–what a role model for any performing artist! Utterly amazing!

Princess Melita Bonaparte Lap Dances Way To Infamy

Her Imperial Highness, not at all to our surprise, has sunk to a new low. She now adds #LAPDANCING to her resume, and is not in the least ashamed of it.

What good is Royalty anyway, if they, at the very least, can’t act “Royal?” The Bonaparte Princess of the Imperial line has the audacity to be ‘in negotiations’ with the government of Serbia, in an effort to ‘offer her services’ as their first #QueenRegnant.

In her spare time, she lap dances, shamelessly, upsetting the social order. The most recent Lap Dance caper was pulled just last night @ Fork Cafe, 469 Castro Street. She was supposed to be there to honour Julie Newmar, not to promote her own laughable & pathetic career. Here we have proof that she knocked food from the Laps of Patrons & gave them her unasked-for version of a Lap Dance. Now, we understand why Peaches Christ has refused to consider her for SHOWGIRLS. The resulting photograph shows how low a person can go when entering the VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. The poor guests who had expected to be there to meet & greet the stars of SIXTEEN CANDLES & JULIE NEWMAR, were subjected to filth from Princess Melita Bonaparte. Today, she is expected to reprise her silly role as “THE HOT COP OF THE CASTRO”–it’s always at the expense of someone else, she pulls her capers.

Unroyally employed as a NON-UNION #LAPDANCER, Princess Melita Bonaparte not only brings disgrace to the House of Bonaparte & all other Royal Families, but takes away job opportunities from those who have trained diligently with such renowned institutions such as the San Francisco Ballet for the few #Lapdance jobs that are left.  "I don't care, I deserve to have fun, " was all the Princess would say when asked by reporting staff to justify her undignified behaviour.

Unroyally employed as a NON-UNION #LAPDANCER, Princess Melita Bonaparte not only brings disgrace to the House of Bonaparte & all other Royal Families, but takes away job opportunities from those who have trained diligently with such renowned institutions such as the San Francisco Ballet for the few #Lapdance jobs that are left. “I don’t care, I deserve to have fun,” was all the Princess would say when asked by reporting staff to justify her undignified behaviour.

Believe In The Films You Like #Popeye & #TheWiz

#MiDNiGHTSFORMANiACS will be entertained & enlightened by two films featuring people who are (and sadly, now were) living legends during their life times. #Popeye & #TheWiz will be shown FRiDAY @ #TheCastroTheatre.

Popeye, the 1980 film, did not do so well critically & financially when initially released. It’s now being seen a bit more charitably, and perhaps will find a ‘home’ with a new generation who may turn out to become more appreciative than we expect, once exposed to screening opportunities such as this one, coming Friday–29 August 2014. It remains to be seen how screening opportunities for the next couple of generations will come about, considering the rapid demise of single screen houses & 35mm film projectionists.

Robin Williams as Popeye & Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl bring the comic strip characters from the televised animation many of us knew as children during the 1950s-60s & give them a spin that enhances their depth, especially as they touch real issues of biological identity angst (Popeye) & eviction from one’s home (the whole Oyl Family).


The other film featured is #TheWiz (1978), based upon the book by L. Frank Baum, originally entitled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This film, too, derives from the long-established & popular classic film #THEWIZARDOFOZ. The Wiz was a remake of a classic specifically to engage black Americans in a universal application of the theme of the importance of knowing where your home is. Dorothy, played by Diana Ross, discarded the trappings of glamour, which had been embedded in her career, & made the simplicity of her soul her only resource. This was all she needed. Her journey was not about wealth, but about wisdom. Michael Jackson, also too soon gone, played the scarecrow (made) of garbage, and this Oz, based in New York City, features the now extinct World Trade Center. Dorothy once again finds the meaning of growth & renewed value in what home really means, made especially more important when threatened with it’s loss.

One of the greatest joys offered in this film is the legendary Lena Horne as Glinda The Good Witch of the South. #LenaHorne sings #BelieveInYourself, which was a show stopper. I remember seeing this film during it’s initial theatrical run, downtown #Indianapolis @ the #CircleTheatre, one of the last single houses left, Indianapolis having switched to multiplexes 15 years before that movement hit San Francisco. Her performance garnered a huge applause from the audience, something Indianapolis audiences seldom displayed. I knew who Lena Horne was, in a vague sort of way, but this commanding performance of hers sealed her into my psyche, and turned me into an instant fan. Being reminded of her loss, too, brings simultaneously a sadness, but a joy from knowing that she met the challenges of her day with a gusto tempered with class, a rare combination.


This will be an evening of challenge, moving on from loss, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, The World Trade Center…and challenge to continue to find truth in from past generations of films that can resonate for all audiences, young, & those who are old enough to be familiar with the history of both films and what came before. This film series is taking a different spin, embracing films that were intended from the start to be “mainline” films, but were not well-accepted during the eras in which they were made. This night may be #JesseHawthorneFicks chance to turn some of that around.

Happy Birthday To Judy Garland: Who Could Go On Singing….

Just to take a brief, belated (late-in-the-day) moment to think about today being Judy Garland’s birthday. Words are not needed.

Here is a You Tube from her last film, I COULD GO ON SINGING–a film not given proper respect during her lifetime.


Au revoire, Shirley Temple Black, you will be missed…1928-2014

My parents grew up seeing the films in theatres, and I grew up seeing these films televised. It’s sad to not to take leave of her legend, but she certainly left a fully lived life that came at a time when her uplifting films were most needed.

We say “Goodbye” to one of the special lights…

Requiem: Jose Sarria-The Widow Norton-Empress of San Francisco 1922-2013

Tribute to Jose Sarria-HIbernia Beach, San Francisco, September 2013

Tribute to Jose Sarria-Hibernia Beach, San Francisco, September 2013

Memorial Programmes paying tribute to WWII Veteran & Empress Jose Sarria September 2013.

Memorial Programmes paying tribute to WWII Veteran & Empress Jose Sarria September 2013.

A few years ago,2009, I decided to ride my bicycle to Los Angeles as part of the AIDSLifeCycle. It was my very first time. I trained nearly every weekend, put my heart & soul into this & raised well over the required amount. It was a wonder. I had not ridden a bicycle in at least 20 years. One training morning, running late, I put my bike on the front bus device that holds them. When I departed, the driver, an older lady, asked me many questions about what I was doing & why. After I told her, with lots of enthusiasm, she said this to me: “You are about to do something very special. You are going to live out one of your dreams. Not many people EVER get to do that.” I remember being touched to the core by what she said & the tears just flowed (and still do) when I ponder the depth of what she expressed. How much so many of us miss in this life. I did not know Jose Sarria. I read with glee & wonder about him over the years. Today, I took matters into my own hands & attended his funeral–He truly lived out his dreams, too. And inspired others to live out theirs. I cry for all of us, tears of loss, tears of gratitude. It was a beautiful experience. I am so glad I let myself go & do this. It was unlike any event I had ever attended, truly a State funeral in every respect.

Jose Sarria created a realm of Royalty, a world in which we could all, on some level, become the Kings & Queens of our own Creation. On the day of his funeral 6 September 2013, every one in attendance, with or without crowns, was part of a family of Royalty. We were, each & every one of us, Royal, to ourselves & for each other–noblesse oblige was the Holy Order that prevailed during this splendid Memorial Service.

To latch onto the concept of becoming the Widow of Emperor Norton I of San Francisco & to BELIEVE it and LIVE it was the stuff of dreams, the stuff of Academy Award Winning Screenplays, the stuff of poetry. More importantly, the fantasy of both men, one long dead, the other who lived for so many years & touched so many lives in ways that gave courage as well as encouragement during times when our people dealt with so many insidious forms of oppression–it just staggers the imagination. Now, The Widow Norton, Empress of San Francisco, has come home for the last time. May The Emperor Norton I & his Widow, Jose Sarria find eternal bonding & beam that down upon us who seek out our dreams!

Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, in attendance of the State Funeral of Jose Sarria, Empress of San Francisco.  Photograph by Gracious permission of Ron Henggeller 2013.

Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, in attendance of the State Funeral of Jose Sarria, Empress of San Francisco. Photograph by gracious permission of Ron Henggeller 2013.

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