Currently, taking computer-related classes @ City College of San Francisco & Project Mgt classes @ San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning.  I enjoy reading, films, art, and music.  Generally, I enjoy many activities, only regretting that I don’t have enough time to properly devote to them as I would like.
Of particular interest, are films from the Silent Era, much of which I learned about through the annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival, held  in the early part of July, at the Castro Theatre.  Two events related to that endeavour were most significant in 2012.  One was the screening of the 1927 Able Gance film Napoleon.  This was in February/March @ the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California.  The other was a screening of a Pola Negri film, The Spanish Dancer, as part of this year’s film festival line-up.  It was the first time that the Festival had screened anything from her long-neglected body of work.

One resource for seeing Silent Era Films throughout the year, is the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, 37417 Niles Blvd.  Fremont, California  94536 (www.nilesfilmmuseum.org)–It provides a weekly showing of Silent Era films that are accompanied by a musician, playing a simple upright piano–creating much the same atmosphere that our great-great grandparents would have experienced throughout much of the country 80+ years ago.

In Memory of Queen Fabiola of Belgium (1928-2014)

One year ago, Her Majesty, Queen Fabiola of Belgium, died.  Her death, while anticipated due to continuing health problems associated with age, left a loss that still feels painful for Belgium, even after a full year. Yet, for the people of Belgium, this was a life to celebrate, not in the partying sense, but with a feeling a gratitude, grateful that this woman who came from Spain would step up to the plate, and serve her adopted country & leave the world a better place. She did that, and did it well.

15 December 1960–Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula

It was a Royal Marriage that would last until the unexpected death of the King in 1993. From images we see via the Internet, they seemed to be always in support of one another. Never did I read of any discontent. Instead, they seemed made for each other in a way that is almost beyond contemporary understanding. My interest in Belgium & their Royal Family has been long-term, and it is my hope that this simple tribute, in words & visuals, demonstrates the positive impact that this woman from Spain had on many lives.

She was born in Madrid, 11 June 1928, in the Palacio Zurbano. She was no stranger to being high born. Yet, from her earliest days, she seemed to have a strong instinct to provide care for others, eventually entering training to become a nurse.

The ironic sadness was that she could not have children of her own. After 5 miscarriages, it became clear that the Throne of Belgium would pass to the King’s younger brother & his wife, Prince Albert & Princess Paola.



After the death of the King, Her Majesty graciously took a more minor role in Royal Duties, in order not to overshadow her Sister-in-Law, the New Queen, Paola.

She quietly came “into her own” despite the “Dowager” status of being a Widowed Queen. She was fun-loving & mixed well with younger people, seeming to gain a strength & energy from them. In her later years, some deranged person posed death threats to Queen Fabiola, stating his intention to kill her with his bow & arrow. In response to the uproar over this, she publicly held up an Apple, in reference to the Legend of William Tell. Her sense of timing was better than his, and she won legions of new fans by this action.


As with us all, this thing called life must come to an end. She died @ Stuyvenger Castle, Laeken, Belgium 5 December 2014. Her funeral was attended by people from all over the world. Royal families representing nearly all the remaining Monarchies of Europe were in attendance, except the House of Windsor & the Princely House of Grimaldi. Such absence was inexcusable.

Further Tribute of Funeral of Her Majesty, Queen Fabiola

Lyrics to Traditional Spanish Folk Song

Salve Rociera

Dios te salve María
del Rocío señora,
Luna, Sol, Norte y Guía
y pastora celestial.

Dios te salve María
todo el pueblo te adora
y repite a porfía:
como tú no hay otra igual.

Olé, olé, olé…
al Rocío yo quiero volver
a cantarle a la Virgen con fe
con un
olé, olé, olé…

Dios te salve María
manantial de dulzura,
a tus pies noche y día
te venimos a rezar.

Dios te salve María
un rosal de hermosura
eres tú madre mía
de pureza virginal.

Olé, olé, olé…
al Rocío yo quiero volver
a cantarle a la Virgen con fe
con un
olé, olé, olé…

Olé, olé, olé…
al Rocío yo quiero volver
a cantarle a la Virgen con fe
con un
olé, olé, olé…


Hail From The Rocío

Hail Mary,
lady from el Rocío,
Moon, Sun, North and Guide
and celestial pastor.

Hail Mary,
all the people adore you,
and repeat incessantly,
like you there isn’t any other.

Olé, olé, olé…
To el Rocío I want to go back,
to sing to the Virgin with faith
with one
olé, olé, olé…

Hail Mary,
spring of sweetness,
at your feet night and day,
we come to pray to you.

Hail Mary
a rosebush of beauty
you are my mother
of virginal purity.

Olé, olé, olé…
To el Rocío I want to go back,
to sing to the Virgin with faith
with one
olé, olé, olé…

Olé, olé, olé…
To el Rocío I want to go back,
to sing to the Virgin with faith
with one
olé, olé, olé…

To end with these stunning & simple photographic tributes.

May Queen Fabiola, the Queen of all the Belgians, remain in their hearts forever & May she rest in Eternal Peace, Amen.


The Avengers: Age Of Ultron?????

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron?????.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron?????

I watched this film & have no idea what it was about. 

It opens with some war some place in Eastern Europe & it  rages  on from one mindless fight scene (with fake looking special effects) after another.  Its nothing but a bunch of expensive special effects all slogged together & called a film.  I fell asleep multiple times.

Some of the actors were highly decorative.  It must be a matter of ‘take the money & run.’  The only art worth noting was the wonderful totem pole influenced Standee, beautifully constructed, that is now in the dumpster.  The studios do not respect the artists who do this work. Her Imperial Highness,  Princess Melita Bonaparte, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,  has observed, “The worse the film, the better the Standee.”  Her wit & wisdom deserve her a place in the Restoration of the Greek Monarchy & for all Monarchies in the world!
Those artists who designed this piece for this shameful motion picture are the true heroes, in my opinion!   Would love to curate a Standee Museum.
Budget: $250,000,000
The budget for this film could have gone into the Restoration of Tatoi Palace in Greece,   and returning it to the Greek Royal Family upon their restoration.  That would have been money well spent.

Mother Superior Vena Cava Shares Her Life In & Out of the Convent!

Mother Superior Vena Cava would like to share some wit & wisdom that she gets in & out of the convent.  She is predicting that there will be a new era of those who long for the convent life & will take the vows & the veil “without murmur.”  She is quite confident that there is enough drama in life & silence will be of much value.

Mother Superior Vena Cava taps her iPhone & shares wisdom.  Join her Holy Orders & profess your vows!

Mother Superior Vena Cava taps her iPhone & shares wisdom. Join her Holy Order & profess your vows!

Also known as Her Imperial Highness, Princess Melita Bonaparte, Order of The Most Holy Hashtag, she lives a combination of Religious & Secular life.  "I am in & out of Trouble, just as others are in & out of being on some A-List. I do hope my photograph of this bumper sticker will make people think.  All that judge stuff makes me very tired."

Also known as Her Imperial Highness, Princess Melita Bonaparte, Order of The Most Holy Hashtag, she strangely lives a combination of Religious & Secular life. “I am in & out of Trouble, just as others are in & out of being on some A-List. I do hope my photograph of this bumper sticker will make people think. All that judge stuff makes me very tired.”

Today, she observed this bumper sticker on her way back to the Convent & hoped that it would inspire some happy thoughts in a world that needs them.  “If I can reach one person with this thought (as the kind owner of this vehicle reached me) then the day will be all the better for it.”  –Mother Superior Vena Cava:   22 April 2015, A. D.


The work place, the toxic sludge that takes control of our lives, mostly through being badly managed, has forced a linguistic change that is sad, but appropriate. If someone, during the course of a work-day, says “Thank you,” the universal response from most of those under 50 in today’s office environment is not the accepted, English language standard of “You’re Welcome.’

Instead, what I hear, most of the time, is the linguistic mangle (but far more honest-sadly) response of “No problem.”



What does this mean? Certainly, I was floored the first time I heard it, but some inner-First Voice, First Spirit, that thing which instinct calls upon for survival, told me to remain quiet, not to respond, and to LISTEN.

I am glad that I did, but saddened by the implication. Bad managers have all but ruined the work experience for millions of us in the Western World. I cannot speak about the rest of the world, because of my admittedly limited knowledge. But I can talk about what I have experienced in the work place in my lifetime. At this point, most of the ancien Régime is gone. Every dog has it’s day, and some dogs had way more than their fair share of days. In many ways, good riddance. But some things in the change got lost that need to be found. One of these is good manners & gracious speech.

What has come to replace managers who inspired loyalty, and who looked out for the welfare of the people who worked for them, seems to be a set of deranged people Hell-bent upon inflicting misery upon others, and of being the source of problems, rather than appreciators & mentors of the efforts of others. Most of today’s managers do not understand the concept that those who report to them, those who do the work, are their most precious asset.

This, I think, is why “You’re welcome” has become linguistically outmoded, and replaced with the jaded, but more accurate response of “No problem.” Those who respond in this manner are expressing some degree of relief that they are not being hurled by name up & down a vicious chain-of-command in an eMail exchange about some miniscule error. They are expressing relief that they are not being called into a closed-door meeting (sans reliable witnesses, to be grilled to the nth degree about the concept of insubordination, a technique commonly used by inept managers who need to bully). Yes, sadly, the change in language only reflects the reality of the work place–in what should be an enlightened 21st Century, we are confronted with/by/for “No Problem.” At least, for now….”Thank you, Marie Dubuque.”

The Sound of Lady Gaga–A Timeless Saga Handed Down To A New Generation

Last night, there were very few surprises @ the 87th Academy Awards. Then, Lady Gaga, sang a tribute to the Sound of Music. It was utterly thrilling to witness her vocal virtuosity & versatility. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an intact You Tube version, so the abbreviated version shared here will have to suffice. It seems that there was one, but it got pulled. Her tribute to Julie Andrews was a triumph for both women & proof of the timelessness of well written songs beautifully performed. And, never forget Mary Martin, who originated the role on Broadway!

It’s a shame not to be able to share this in its entirety. But you will have a sense of it, if you did not see the Awards.

Abbreviated Showing of Lady Gaga Singing Tribute to The Sound Of Music–22 February 2015.

The Sound of Julie Andrews

Mary Martin Climbs Every Mountain–Her Wonderful Acceptance Speech!

In this, The Sound of Mary Martin…

Why Is Instagram Addictive

I am very happy to hear from you & touched that you enjoyed my blog about the recently late actress Lizabeth Scott. I do not know much about ‘popular”/recent/20th 21st Century Indian culture. Am happy to read your blog to fill in what is a huge gap for me. Considering just how large India is, we Americans owe it to ourselves to learn more about it. Your blog will enable us to fill that gap! Thank you.


Instagram is a social networking site which helps users to share photo they click with their smartphones. the beauty is that you don’t have to be a well trained photographer to be popular here. the beauty of Instagram is that it allows you to be creative. It allows us to apply different filters which changes the photograph dramatically. I follow some amazing accounts which forces me to check Instagram often.

What Makes Instagram Fun

The one tool in my option which makes Instagram fun is its filters. Instagram offers a variety of filters. If you apply the right filter on the photo you have clicked it turns your ordinary photo into a work of art. I will post a lot of photos which grabbed my attention just to prove my point and I am sure it will change the way you have been looking to this platform until now.

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