“What is a weekend?”–A Letter To Downton Abbey

My Dear Ladyship, Dowager Countess—Downton Abbey, England.

We do hope that the letter intended for the Dowager Countess does not fall into the wrong hands.  Here is where it needs to be posted.

We do hope that the letter intended for the Dowager Countess does not fall into the wrong hands. Here is where it needs to be posted.

Please excuse the intolerably long amount of time it took me to answer your delightfully simple question. I simply don’t have enough weekends in my life to take time to tell you about these things.

You see, Countess, there are usually two days off for working class people, traditionally Saturday & Sunday, that regressive governments & the cultures that support such things, want to take away from those who must earn a living. Later in the history of both our countries, you had Margaret Thatcher & we had Ronald Reagan. Both deplored the concept of being able to enjoy such benefits as time away from work. They were a sordid couple–much worse than George & Martha of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Oh, I am so sorry, that’s well after your time. Let me get back on track here!

As you probably don’t have much to do with staff scheduling, it’s likely that only a calamity would disrupt the day-to-day services that you have come to expect & enjoy.

People do many things for you, and you just are in no position to notice. It’s not your fault. If you had been more properly raised, your parents (if you had any) would have encouraged you to volunteer your time for the benefit of others. Had they done so, they might have seemed revolutionary, or stuck in some other dreary or awkward category. As it seems, you have not been exposed to life lived by the other half, and that’s why the writer of your show is in such a predicament now. He presented you as a one-dimensional character, and that’s all you’ve got to show for it: by asking such dumb questions.

You needed to explore your world a bit more. Princess Marie Bonaparte would be a good example for you, though she’s a bit after your time, she had curiosity, and did break through the Imperial ceiling a bit, saved many Jewish people from death. There were a lot of factors that led her in this direction, but a credible interest in life is a good guess as to what motivated her. Let’s hope your writer grants you that, belatedly, so that the question gets answered to your satisfaction. This may get you a stay of execution. If you want to know what that means, our French history is full of them. Have a nice long chat with your producers, but be nice.

One hint: Those two precious days go by very, very quickly, so don’t squander them!

Yours, Most Sincerely,

Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte.

The Dowager Countess Has A Question. Would you like to help answer it?

Princess Melita Bonaparte has tried to answer the Dowager Countess' question, but fears that there may be other answers out there for her.  Please, by all means, add yours!

Princess Melita Bonaparte has tried to answer the Dowager Countess’ question, but fears that there may be other answers out there for her. Please, by all means, add yours!

Virtues of the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey-From You Tube

“I’m Just Saying” (What does this Junque Talk Mean?)

Facebook is full of junque talk. “I’m just saying” seems to be the thing to say after admitting to some heinous fantasy or confessing that you just murdered someone you used to love, or that you know how to get the Crown Jewels wholesale. It’s scary to think that elementary school teachers will roll their eyes, and tell the story of Peter Rabbit, and then end it with “I’m just saying,” rather than anything about living “happily ever after.”

Hmmm, come to think of it, that may be where junque talk got it’s start!?

Get Ready Selfie, move over, that word is soooo 3rd quarter 2013–It’s junque talk that will replace all the parvenue parlance –and it started right here on my Bonaparte Family Association Word Press. Finally it happened.

Seriously, just listen, and determine for yourself if anything was said here that makes sense…


And to digress–went to a lovely restaurant on Castro Street, San Francisco, for Thanksgiving Dinner. Three young men were seated across the aisle from our table. They spent 95% of their time engaged in texting on their MOBILE DEVICES. They did not relate to each other in a human manner. This is SICK! This is WRONG! This is DYSFUNCTIONAL! “I’m just saying!”

…But As Long As There Is Horror: Nightmare On Elm Street 2/ “Everybody in the world knows Freddy.”

Last night I had a nightmare come true. Got to meet Mark Patton the star of the 2nd film in this horror genre franchise. He has an art gallery in Pureto Vallharta. For some reason, I wanted to ask him about sharp objects, have no idea why, what got into me. I didn’t have the nerve, but the person behind me had one of the original prototypes of the leather & metal gloves used for the Freddy character. Based on that alone, he should be Head of the United Nations. No one would mess with him, and world peace would be firmly established.

Mark Patton played his part knowing & understanding the subtext & was able to speak of this experience with quite a spark of humour mixed with nostalgia. Important note added by Peaches Christ, was his direct & head-on approach to understanding the gay subtext made it easier for the next generation not to have to hide, and the need for that as a subtext is now a moot point. It no longer matters & actors & writers & all others who work in the film process, regardless of the genre, can now have the freedom to delve into issues that are specific to individuals, rather than skirt the realities of sexual orientation. Now, real relationships can be explored, thanks to how Mark Patton interpreted his part, and has been willing to step up to the plate and speak about it openly, without fear of recrimination.


Felt very lucky that this came through with my fledgling point & click camera learning curve.

RES IPSA LOQUITUR--From Haight Street, San Francisco

RES IPSA LOQUITUR–From Haight Street, San Francisco

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