Snapfish Baits But Don’t Rise To It! COUPON FRAUD!

They Change The Order, Uninstall the code that you originally install, then try to tell you that the code had already been used, and can only be used one time. This is el Toro ca-ca! No one should be allowed to get away with stuff of this nature, it is called bad business! Period! Are you kidding me? This is like a store taking your wallet when handing out a free sample. It is so incredibly short sighted. They train their chat people to disconnect people like me from their useless chat line. They don’t allow you enough time to say much of anything, then cut you off…I gave the last one all the information needed, and she deliberately misspelled my name….calling me Thomas Ourr. That was a clever responsibility avoidance mechanism. Actually, not clever, very stupid and senseless. Why not honour the coupon? That would be too much like right!

This is a total breach of law, ethics, good business practise, and there MUST be laws somehow, somewhere that govern Internet practises. After working for hours & hours & hours to ‘get it right,” positioning the photographs that I wanted, putting in the text that I wished to use, they disconnect the whole thing, trying (1) to sell me a book size larger than the one that I ordered, then (2) to tell me that the code had already been used.

Who used my unique code??? Did Santa Clause take a Float Day and drive down here to use my code? This is a lie, a bare-assed lie, and this company has no business being allowed on the Internet!

Now, they are asking for a 16 digit code and the code issued @ Safeway only has 12 digits! This is illegal!

Redeem a gift certificate
Please enter your 16-digit code exactly as it appears on your gift certificate, then click add to account.

Please enter a valid gift certificate code.

redemption code
cancel add to account
Please enter your 16-digit code exactly as it appears on your gift certificate, then click add to account.
It only has 12 digits! Unreal!

This is a bunch of nonsense--Shame on Haagen-Daz, Safeway, and MOST ESPECIALLY, Snapfish!  Shame on you!

This is a bunch of nonsense–Shame on Haagen-Daz, Safeway, and MOST ESPECIALLY, Snapfish! Shame on you!

Premature Death of Hostess: Or I Am A TWINKIE ZOMBIE?

Just a few, short months ago–union workers were blamed for the demise of Hostess. I needed them for Glen Acornn, who is sort of like Pandas who can only eat bamboo shoots. Glen Acorrn can only eat Twinkies, it’s the only source of nutrition his fragile inner-ecosystem can tolerate. With any other food, let us gloss over this part. Let’s just say, it’s not a pretty journey!

Now, on to topics that would not cause me a scolding from Miss Manners. You see, the whole Twinkie/Hostess hostage thing was totally rigged. In that respect it’s like going to college, getting a good job, and buying a house. You can’t do any of these things any more in America, not legally. It used to be a mantra: “To get a good job, get a good education.” That turned out to be a load of crap, worse than any non-Hostess product would cause Mr Acorrn to produce, or outsource. You can’t afford to go to a good college. If you do go to any college, you won’t find work in the area you studied–so, enter as a data entry operator, with some other name, get paid low wages (I forgot Walmart is an option for some), and be willing to work 12 hour days, with no time & a half. Buy a house, you will find out that (1) you can’t keep up the payment. And (2) if you live there for a while, and try to sell it, you won’t be able to fetch the remaining costs of the house. Forget about any profit on the house thing, that’s no longer part of the American way, unless you are already rich.

So, back to Twinkies, they are back! You can get them @ Safeway or other fine supermarkets, and they have a longer shelf life, longer than ever, so I have read. If I had only been clever enough to buy a gross of them, froze the damned things, I might have made enough to get myself in debt for a house payment. But, alas, I did not think of this.

Tell you this, they don’t taste as good as the pre-bankruptcy ones did. And the ones that we had back when I was a mere wisp of a lad, tasted even better than the pre-bankruptcy ones. Perhaps, all that was because my taste buds were underdeveloped, or maybe they had not refined the preservatives, and preservatives before the British Invasion were more flavourful? I don’t know, can only speculate about these horribly scientific matters.

For now, they are back, you can eat them while you still have a desktop computer with Windows, or your mobile device actually starts calling you on its own, and you no long know anyone off-line, your life is virtual–no more real-time–now, get to eating!


They are back--Risen from the dead!  Sate your inner vampire!  Eat them!

They are back–Risen from the dead! Sate your inner vampire! Eat them!

Can't they bring back Woolworth's & Pan Am?  Nuns?   Catholic schools?  Connie Francis?

Can’t they bring back Woolworth & Pan Am? Nuns? Catholic schools? Connie Francis?

If there are electronic cigarettes…There will be lung damage

Then is there electronic cancer & electronic addiction & electronic emphysema? There must also be electronic bowel movements for every bit of profit these damned things generate. I would use a few swear words, but I don’t know any electronic ones.

This whole concept is just wired for stupidity, it shocks me, gives me a jolt, so to speak, that there is a fancy-assed company trying to make an electronic buck out of people’s weaknesses. It just makes me want to take a non-electronic dump on whatever American Greed entity who has used such methods of madness in order to tap into the wallets of the poor. These rotten asses even go so far as to make it appear that they are doing something good for the air. Look at their manipulative branding? aer, now, who’d a thought of this? And the pretty clouds, pale blue, pristine air, or aer, er, ah, ugh! How cynical can you get? Doubtless their marketers cleverly use every bit of Social Media @ their disposal. Well, to them, a human life is disposable, anyway, if you follow this type of marketing logic. No collateral damage, no profit, right?

There can’t be laws for everything, but give me some ethics, and please don’t make them electronic.

My dear friend, Princess Melita Bonaparte, wants every acre of land devoted to growing tobacco to be turned into sustainable forests. She thinks it would improve the quality of the air we breath, and might make a dent into some of these dreadful tornadoes that seem to be taking such a huge toll on the Middle West. I haven’t got the heart to tell her that some big corporation is probably working at developing an electronic forest. I just can’t stand to spoil her illusions. If she keeps at it, she might win a Nobel Peace Prize, but would it be an electronic one?

Best thing to do is just skip cigarettes, electric or otherwise. Give yourself credit, you don’t need this product. You need a forest, in fact, you need as many forests as we can get. So, don’t give your money over to this horrible idea, this dreadful product.

If you buy this, you will buy anything.  Please don't buy this.  Support forests, even if you can't tell a tree from a forest, that's fine.  At least your confusion will be healthy for all living things!

If you buy this, you will buy anything. Please don’t buy this. Support forests, even if you can’t tell a tree from a forest, that’s fine. At least your confusion will be healthy for all living things!

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