No Woman Cheese? Please?

I found this oddly named cheese @ the Market Street Safeway & pondered about the name, deciding to take it home & write about it. ‘No Woman?’ Curiosity & lack of information lead me to my Internet Search engine of choice: Safari–and I found, what seemed to be part of the answer, “No Woman” is part of a Bob Marley song. Wonder if there will be a cheese named after any of Petula Clark’s songs? DON’T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY–a mellow mustiness, best eaten room temperature with red wine that you bought from Costco!

What wine should I chose for this one? Tap water? What would King Solomon or Woody Allen do?

Why would a cheese company name a product 'No Woman?'  I AM CURIOUS YELLOW ABOUT THIS.

Why would a cheese company name a product ‘No Woman?’ I AM CURIOUS YELLOW ABOUT THIS & Found my answer via Safari, searching The Internet.

Bon Appetit!

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