Right after work, a garden slug was smoking an eCigarette while waiting on the Outbound platform @ Market/Castro Streets. I complained to the Station Attendant. Is taking stupid pills part of the job requirement of being a MUNI Station attendant? I was told “There is nothing I can do about it.”

In San Francisco, you have to get 896 permits if you want to paint your back porch red. You have to bribe people to get past the zillions of kilometres of ‘red tape’ just to do the simplest of things for your personal property. You pay 10 cents for a bag at any store, even Burger King.

Are you really going to ask me to believe that it is perfectly okay for slime bags and garden slugs to smoke their goddamned eCigarettes & blow their goddamned smoke in my face on a MUNI platform? Do I have to get cancer from their smoke? Does it take an Act of Congress to get something as obvious as this is to be addressed on an appropriate Public Health level?

Do I have to find an attorney to sue MUNI for permitting this? Or, was this station attendant too afraid of being written up for insubordination (the favourite word of inept managers) to enforce (by-now) well-established social norms?

If it is legal to smoke eCigarettes any place you want to smoke them, then why not just revoke all the laws about smoking and bring it all back to the way it was in 1980, when you could not even go to see a film without gasping through the clouds of smoke? Worse than the fools who buy this stuff & use their lungs as chimneys are the goddamned companies that manufacture this dung. Would you willingly eat poison? Looks like the answer to this dumb question is “Yes” –if it is properly branded, and you get beautiful celebrity endorsements, the lemmings will follow.

These crazed contraptions will prove every bit as dangerous as the ones that are still grown on plantations & still marketed to the people among us who can least afford them.

The banning of smoking in public places includes trash, as well as cigarettes.

It’s the law. MUNI Station attendants need to understand this. A request for enforcement should not be considered something that is to be dismissed or a cause for an argument. Our health is at stake.

Per MUNI Station Attendant, it is just wonderful for you to be subjected to eCigarette smoke from your nearest thug/garden slug on the MUNI platform.  "Nothing can be done."

Per MUNI Station Attendant, it is just wonderful for you to be subjected to eCigarette smoke from your nearest thug/garden slug on the MUNI platform. “Nothing can be done.”

Will this help MUNI Station Attendants better understand the Public Health Issue of smoking while waiting on station platforms is wrong?

The hookers on Post Street have more integrity than this one…enjoy your freedom!




If there are electronic cigarettes…There will be lung damage

Then is there electronic cancer & electronic addiction & electronic emphysema? There must also be electronic bowel movements for every bit of profit these damned things generate. I would use a few swear words, but I don’t know any electronic ones.

This whole concept is just wired for stupidity, it shocks me, gives me a jolt, so to speak, that there is a fancy-assed company trying to make an electronic buck out of people’s weaknesses. It just makes me want to take a non-electronic dump on whatever American Greed entity who has used such methods of madness in order to tap into the wallets of the poor. These rotten asses even go so far as to make it appear that they are doing something good for the air. Look at their manipulative branding? aer, now, who’d a thought of this? And the pretty clouds, pale blue, pristine air, or aer, er, ah, ugh! How cynical can you get? Doubtless their marketers cleverly use every bit of Social Media @ their disposal. Well, to them, a human life is disposable, anyway, if you follow this type of marketing logic. No collateral damage, no profit, right?

There can’t be laws for everything, but give me some ethics, and please don’t make them electronic.

My dear friend, Princess Melita Bonaparte, wants every acre of land devoted to growing tobacco to be turned into sustainable forests. She thinks it would improve the quality of the air we breath, and might make a dent into some of these dreadful tornadoes that seem to be taking such a huge toll on the Middle West. I haven’t got the heart to tell her that some big corporation is probably working at developing an electronic forest. I just can’t stand to spoil her illusions. If she keeps at it, she might win a Nobel Peace Prize, but would it be an electronic one?

Best thing to do is just skip cigarettes, electric or otherwise. Give yourself credit, you don’t need this product. You need a forest, in fact, you need as many forests as we can get. So, don’t give your money over to this horrible idea, this dreadful product.

If you buy this, you will buy anything.  Please don't buy this.  Support forests, even if you can't tell a tree from a forest, that's fine.  At least your confusion will be healthy for all living things!

If you buy this, you will buy anything. Please don’t buy this. Support forests, even if you can’t tell a tree from a forest, that’s fine. At least your confusion will be healthy for all living things!