Princess Melita Bonaparte Shares Her Pop Tart Recipe With The World

Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, unselfishly shares her most splendid way of serving nutritional benefits via her Kellogg’s unfrosted, strawberry Pop Tarts recipe. She uses a family heirloom Kitchenaid toaster, a knife, and a simple brown plate, a gift to her from the children of Monaco. She opens the foil wrapping of the Pop Tarts, takes each Pop Tart & places them in a very royal manner in the toaster. While they are heating, she cuts 4 small slices of Kraft Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese. After the Pop Tarts come out of the toaster from their initial heating, she burns her hand, one completely falls apart, but her sense of royal duty, noblesse oblige, and sheer will to share her goodness with the world prevail, and she more fully explains how, by placing the Pop Tarts adorned with the slices of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, that the additional toasting time allows the flavours to meld & the cheese to soften.

When done, she is unable to taste them before the camera, but always wishes her millions of fans & followers world-wide, Bon Appetit!

Remember, not to watch this at work, she warns you that you should be working. And if you are on a cellular telephone, to let the next bus come by as watching this is more important than getting to your destination!

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