On Monday, Anno Domini, 4 March 2013, a person who does not know how to dispose of disposables, left a mark on San Francisco.  I have decided that the name of the person is Anno Domini.  It is a unilateral type of decision, the sort of which results in C-suite executives getting bail-out settlements worth zillions of dollars, whilst the rest of the people who made things work, seek unemployment benefits.  The only connection here is that a shot rang out in the dark.  There, now it is all tied together, forever in ambiguity & the otherwise anonymous visitor will strike again.  Who knows where or when or in what form?  Litter, cigarettes, taking two seats on a bus when one will do, or asking for all the free stuff on an aircraft flight?  That one will bust this person, as times have changed, and there is no more free stuff on commercial passenger flights.  Yes, times have changed, but this person has not, and will be busted at some point in mid-career.  Ciao!  Image

Here’s the challenge:  Try writing for any length of time going for gender-free nuances.  It depleted what little is left of my grey matter! 


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