Jerry Vale–Uomo con una bella voce (1930–2014)

18 May 2014: We lost Jerry Vale, a man with a beautiful voice, a singer who did what a singer does, without gimmicks, and did it well. Not many from younger generations appreciated or knew of him. I was lucky enough to learn about people like him through the observations of my mother.

Somehow, I find the genre term ‘crooner’ a bit condescending. People would not call Linda Ronstadt a crooner. Nor was this moniker hurled at Rosemary Clooney. Known but to God, let a man with a good voice make a living by singing beautiful songs, and he gets called a crooner. It seems unfair, the first complete sentence many children utter when acquiring language.

Also unfair, and perhaps for vaguely related reasons, was the enforced name change. Born Genaro Louis Vitaliano, his name was changed to Jerry Vale, the only name most of us knew to call him. Hopefully, the culture behind these unfortunate & disrespectful name issues will change. Perhaps some day, a boy named Genaro will have a beautiful voice & be called a singer. In reality, that’s what we lost.

Rest in peace: Jerry Vale/Genaro Louis Vitaliano…


Jerry Vale Mala Femmina, Oh Sole Mio, Come Back to Sorrento LIVE recording

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