What I Did For Love/A CHORUS LINE

A link with the past is something to be treasured, and provides comfort for the future in a tangible way that is not easy to explain. This is, in part, why I enjoy having a person who has achieved something of singular importance autograph something that is connected with that thing that brought him/her acclaim. Tonight, I was able to have Donna McKechnie sign my long treasured copy of the Original Cast Album of A CHORUS LINE. It was fine way to celebrate Mae West’s birthday, 17 August 2013. My copy is in near-mint condition. With a bit of luck, it will remain that way. The power of the autograph will not make it sound any differently, but the thought that she held it in her hands for a fleeting moment & signed it, just makes having it feel even more special.

That musical was the huge thing going on during the time I was attending Butler University, Indianapolis. A legacy (what else?) radio system was in place in the cafeteria. When “What I Did For Love” was played, everyone would sing, often in full voice. The memories of that are splendid.

It was not till many years later that I saw a touring company perform this & I loved the music all over again. At this point, I don’t remember how many times I have seen it, but several.

Autographed by Donna McKechnie, my copy of A CHORUS LINE.

Autographed by Donna McKechnie, my copy of A CHORUS LINE.

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