The work place, the toxic sludge that takes control of our lives, mostly through being badly managed, has forced a linguistic change that is sad, but appropriate. If someone, during the course of a work-day, says “Thank you,” the universal response from most of those under 50 in today’s office environment is not the accepted, English language standard of “You’re Welcome.’

Instead, what I hear, most of the time, is the linguistic mangle (but far more honest-sadly) response of “No problem.”



What does this mean? Certainly, I was floored the first time I heard it, but some inner-First Voice, First Spirit, that thing which instinct calls upon for survival, told me to remain quiet, not to respond, and to LISTEN.

I am glad that I did, but saddened by the implication. Bad managers have all but ruined the work experience for millions of us in the Western World. I cannot speak about the rest of the world, because of my admittedly limited knowledge. But I can talk about what I have experienced in the work place in my lifetime. At this point, most of the ancien Régime is gone. Every dog has it’s day, and some dogs had way more than their fair share of days. In many ways, good riddance. But some things in the change got lost that need to be found. One of these is good manners & gracious speech.

What has come to replace managers who inspired loyalty, and who looked out for the welfare of the people who worked for them, seems to be a set of deranged people Hell-bent upon inflicting misery upon others, and of being the source of problems, rather than appreciators & mentors of the efforts of others. Most of today’s managers do not understand the concept that those who report to them, those who do the work, are their most precious asset.

This, I think, is why “You’re welcome” has become linguistically outmoded, and replaced with the jaded, but more accurate response of “No problem.” Those who respond in this manner are expressing some degree of relief that they are not being hurled by name up & down a vicious chain-of-command in an eMail exchange about some miniscule error. They are expressing relief that they are not being called into a closed-door meeting (sans reliable witnesses, to be grilled to the nth degree about the concept of insubordination, a technique commonly used by inept managers who need to bully). Yes, sadly, the change in language only reflects the reality of the work place–in what should be an enlightened 21st Century, we are confronted with/by/for “No Problem.” At least, for now….”Thank you, Marie Dubuque.”

See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2014 annual report.

See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2014 annual report..
It was sad to begin 2015 with the passing of Donna Douglas. She represented an innocence that many of us once thought we had. She was smart, knew when to quit, and part company with the pressures of constant fame. But, still, it’s sad to know that she is gone.

You Tube Showing Donna Douglas Working A Grand Stairway As Elly May Clampett

And, words not needed here…a loving tribute to her Memory by…..

Rainbow Bridge @ Riverton, Kansas-A Visual Delight

In May of 2013 I bought $5.00 worth of raffle tickets when I was back visiting in Kansas. The town of Galena, Kansas has several events of this nature during it’s annual “Galena Days” festivities. I believe that the town’s Fire Department benefits from the sales of the tickets. I saw this wonderful photograph of Rainbow Bridge, and just hoped that somehow I might end up with this prize. I was with my cousin, David Outt, and yammered on & on to him about how much I liked the photograph. This bridge is a place that, like Nelson’s Old Riverton Store, goes back to some of my earliest earth-bound memories. I returned home to my father’s house well before the raffled tickets were spun & randomly attached to their lucky winners. About 10:00 pm of that evening, my cousin called me to let me know that I had won an outside cooking grille. I thanked him, and told him that he could keep it, that the only prize in the array to be awarded that interested me was the photograph of the Rainbow Bridge. “You really would rather have that?” he asked me. “Let me see if I can do something,” he told me after I indicated the affirmative. Ten minutes later, he rang me up again, asking if he could drop by & deliver the photograph. I gather there were two happy campers from this raffle swap. It’s nice to be lucky, and to have a bit of benevolent nepotism once in a while. At any rate, it worked for the benefit of all concerned, and I am the happy owner of this lovely photograph of an old bridge that is still standing, beautifully doing what bridges have done for centuries, quietly making our journey easier.

Research on the Internet indicates that it was “slated for destruction but was finally saved with the help of the Kansas Route 66 Association.”
It must have taken all the powers of Heaven & Earth to keep it from being torn down. The Midwest is not a culture that shows much kindness for the preservation of historic architecture. Throughout most of the small towns in that area, wonderful, old buildings, mainly in business districts, are treated like old growth forests, and get torn down, or are allowed to turn into a state of perpetual dilapidation. Doubtless a lot of factors go into this, but some ‘need’ other than dollar value by square footage must enter the collective consciousness to reverse the trend of mindless Walmart takeovers. That this bridge still exists & was spared the usual destruction, is nearly up there with a Lourdes miracle.

Wikipedia adds that this bridge is “the sole surviving bridge of this type” on the Old Route 66. It was built in 1923. On 10 March 1983, it was protected from destruction by being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Zoning laws often are the last resort over rampant profiteering in terms of saving these treasures.

This You Tube Video Tells of Route 66 Demise

One footnote, in the year 2000, country singer Brad Paisley performed "Route 66" on this Bridge for the The Learning Channel special "Route 66: Main Street America.”

You Tube Showing Brad Paisley, Rainbow Bridge, and Nelson’s Old Riverton Store–all within easy access of our Kansas home.

Thanks to the efforts of those who had the vision to put their collective talents together in the saving of the Marsh Arch Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, near Riverton, Kansas.

This is Rainbow Bridge-East of Riverton, Kansas.

Route 66 Theme-Television Series

Princess Melita Bonaparte-A Star Without Makeup!

Much to her humiliation & horror, just the thing worst nightmare that could ever befall a star of this magnitude, caught reading an eye-level, grocery store magazine WITHOUT makeup.

This is the sort of thing that will land her in that Betty Place–and drain all her assets. When they close, will someone stay there to help her heat up a Swanson TV dinner, or will it just be lights out & hit the pavement?

Stay tuned–but let us hope that <a href="http://http://www.elizabetharden.com/&quot; title="Elizabeth Arden Emergency Room”>Elizabeth Arden has her Emergency Room open for the wayward Bonaparte Princess….

Notice the halo over the head of Princess Melita Bonaparte.  When questioned about this, she replied, "Just like Nixon, they can't take my halo from me, they may take my makeup, but they can't take my halo.  I earned it!"

Notice the halo over the head of Princess Melita Bonaparte. When questioned about this, she replied, “Just like Nixon, they can’t take my halo from me, they may take my makeup, but they can’t take my halo. I earned it!” There seems to be a Checkers Speech for every occasion these days.

For more information about how to be totally happy & beautiful—

How To Get A Royal Runaway Elected As Detroit’s Mayor-Del Shannon

When Her Imperial Highness was in the 4th grade, staring out the window, not paying strict attention to her Latin instruction, she dreamed about running away from The Tatoi Palace to Detroit. She wanted something different, she wanted something Supreme! She had not yet met Miss Ross.

Here was her dream: Del Shannon, The Runaway–the dream of Princess Melita Bonaparte, before she matured & Imperial thoughts entered her mind.

Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, looking for work as a model, no computer skills, did not even know how to wait tables in restaurants, or do the fries in fast food joints. All she wanted was Detroit!

"If the telling of my life is a novel, then it will be a bestseller," proclaims Princess Melita Bonaparte.

“If the telling of my life is a novel, then it will be a bestseller,” proclaims Princess Melita Bonaparte.


“I know I can bring back Detroit, if the people do not mind electing a Royal Runaway for Mayor,” pleads Princess Melita Bonaparte.

“Once I get Detroit back on its feet, then on to the Tatoi Palace.”–Princess Melita Bonaparte, regarding her 4th grade dreams as a Runaway Royal.

“LET ME BRING PEACE THAT DOES NOT HAVE ELEMENTS OF WAR!”-Princess Melita Bonaparte–“Join me in Prosperity for All.”

Marilyn Mirage: The Image That Endures

5 August 1962, at age 36, the actress known to the world as Marilyn Monroe, was found dead. More than 50 years have passed & her image is still as prevalent as ever. Various likenesses of her image continues to generate sales for all sorts of items. In a very real sense, she is the ultimate of what the business world calls branding. The items range from those appropriately related to her such as biographies, copies of her films for home viewing, to junque souvenirs that have no connection to her career or her life, to art work that is striking in its tribute to an American Film Star, one whose life is generally considered full of sadness, despite the success and acclaim she received while still living.

Articles have been written that are clear about one thing: She made more money (for others) after her death, in the millions, probably more than most others in the entertainment world, with the possible exception of Elvis Presley. While some items that bear her image trespass into the realm of atrocity, some are nice. As in all beauty, it’s entirely in the eye of the beholder.

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol's prediction about 15 Minutes Of Fame did not apply to Marilyn Monroe.  This  is a numbered limited edition of

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol’s prediction about 15 Minutes Of Fame did not apply. This image is a serigraph of an original by Andy Warhol. This photograph was taken & shared by Derek Hargrove of Back To The Picture.

Here is a photograph of the same image, taken from the disadvantage of having to look up several feet with a simple point & click camera.

The good news is that the tints came through nicely, but the glare, annoying at it is, does not take away from that very special presence of the subject matter.

The good news is that the tints came through nicely, but the glare, annoying at it is, does not take away from that very special presence of the subject matter.

One of the finest examples inspired by this Enduring Legacy may be heard, rather than seen as a visual image. That is the song from “BLOOD BROTHERS”Tell Me It’s Not True, splendidly & soulfully rendered by Petula Clark.

Tell me it’s not true,
Though it’s here before me,
Say it’s just a dream,
Say it’s just a scene,
From an old movie of years ago,
From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe,

Read more: The Blood Brothers – Tell Me It’s Not True Lyrics | MetroLyrics

iPad is making use of the icon--The icon of the Church figured heavily as an influence on Andy Warhol in his depiction of those who were not Saints, but had @ least that Precious 15 Minutes of Fame.  This shows Marilyn Monroe in context with other images.

iPad is making use of the icon–The icon of the Church figured heavily as an influence on Andy Warhol in his depiction of those who were not Saints, but had @ least that Precious 15 Minutes of Fame. This shows Marilyn Monroe in context with other images.

Marilyn Monroe, out of context, but more iconic than ever.

Marilyn Monroe, out of context, but more iconic than ever.

THE FILM MY WEEK WITH MARILYN: Shows how much the British culture embraced her…

On the revers of this 2010 vintage it says, "Marilyn Monroe is a trademark of the Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC."

On the revers of this 2010 vintage it says, “Marilyn Monroe is a trademark of the Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC.”

Then there is Marilyn Merlot–Crass or Clever?–It’s a Cash Cow & Milking the Estate for every possible nickle. We may never know as the woman who was manufactured to become Marilyn Monroe is not with us to comment. But, sizing up what is known of her life, she seemed to have a desire to be taken seriously. Somewhere along the line, even in death, that have proven elusive. The Green Family laughs all the way to the bank. But the wine is good. Good taste in wine at the expense of appropriate taste in branding has never been a hot issue for those seeking any method at all to keep money coming in. What will be the next posthumous portal of Estate prosperity? Stay tuned.


This film was shown in early 2013 as part of the San Francisco Film Noir Festival. It shows not the upper class British that got most of America’s press attention, but was more like an urban Grapes of Wrath, focused on the plight of those who were trying to make ends meet. Many in the cast went on to become hugely successful.


Until the above was screened @ San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, I had no familiarity with it @ all. There was a special tribute to British Film Star, Peggy Cummins & she was there, in person, to meet & greet her fans, newly converted & those already very aware of her contributions to the Film Noir Era. It was very gracious of her to autograph my DVDs that I brought in just for that occasion. This film presented a very nitty-gritty look @ Post World War II real British working class culture. There was no Royalty flitting around from place to place. These were ordinary people Hell-bent, you might say, on just earning enough money to keep the landlords satisfied. If lucky, they had enough extra from their pay to buy food, much of which remained high-priced & under ration for many years after the War was over. It was not an easy film for most Americans to connect with, but I think the pacing of it, the focus on the plight of the poor, made it real, and gave us some history that took the focus from London & palaces, to the people who could not take a daily bath, who had, at most two sets of clothing, and were in a dog-eat-dog world before the term became linguistic parlance. What we got on our side of the Atlantic, in terms of British culture, was usually painted up to show nothing but the very rich & we lost track that the average person there was not having an easy time of it due to economic restrictions that granted very few opportunities for culture & wealth to trickle their way down. Very well done, written, acted, directed! Bravo!

What I Did For Love/A CHORUS LINE

A link with the past is something to be treasured, and provides comfort for the future in a tangible way that is not easy to explain. This is, in part, why I enjoy having a person who has achieved something of singular importance autograph something that is connected with that thing that brought him/her acclaim. Tonight, I was able to have Donna McKechnie sign my long treasured copy of the Original Cast Album of A CHORUS LINE. It was fine way to celebrate Mae West’s birthday, 17 August 2013. My copy is in near-mint condition. With a bit of luck, it will remain that way. The power of the autograph will not make it sound any differently, but the thought that she held it in her hands for a fleeting moment & signed it, just makes having it feel even more special.

That musical was the huge thing going on during the time I was attending Butler University, Indianapolis. A legacy (what else?) radio system was in place in the cafeteria. When “What I Did For Love” was played, everyone would sing, often in full voice. The memories of that are splendid.

It was not till many years later that I saw a touring company perform this & I loved the music all over again. At this point, I don’t remember how many times I have seen it, but several.

Autographed by Donna McKechnie, my copy of A CHORUS LINE.

Autographed by Donna McKechnie, my copy of A CHORUS LINE.

Who Ho? Ho Who? Wendy Ho! HOw Things Just Go Wrong!

Last night was not for the faint of heart, or the art of paint. It was for the part all of us that needs a clean dirty laugh. Mae West once said, “It’s hard to be funny if you gotta’ be clean.” We got sort of low down & went straight to the filth & rolled in it! It was huge fun–made turning 38 seem pointless, so I added a few more years for extra credit, sort of like how you’d do a school audit back in Indiana. That Tony Bennett (not the same one) did not leave any heart in this city. Why Indiana people like to go to Florida & do the same stuff they do in Indiana always was beyond me.

But back to Wendy Ho. I tried to tell her that I am her mother, had her on an airplane over Detroit airspace & I have just transitioned a whole lot since then. They took her away from me, being that I was clearly an unfit parent, and she was adopted by the hamburger Wendy’s man, and he named them after her. She just won’t believe me when I tell her all about her past. It’s a good thing, because I only tell her the nice stuff. I left out about the parts about being a drug addicted infant, did not want to cause any further trauma. But she got really good at the purse thing & is making a living. That’s good, Wendy! We got a public toilet that is supposed to have a Grand Opening–I hope you can make it when I cut the ribbon. But they still don’t have electricity. We know you don’t have to have PG&E for that, but it helps to be able to see who you are trying to get away from…


Delighted & surprised to see my other daughter, Wendy.  I haven't had the nerve to tell her about this yet.

Delighted & surprised to see my other daughter, Wendy. I haven’t had the nerve to tell her about this yet.


You can’t go around with junky looking purses. They have to look good!

38 Isn’t Such A Bad Age!

Especially if you have an active inclination for fiction & root for Royalty. 5th Republic? Sounds like serial monogamy! Let us make up their minds for them, as long as we can keep our head, above or below water!

That 5th Republic, it must go.  We are ready to return.  To the bakeries, to the bakeries!

That 5th Republic, it must go. We are ready to return. To the bakeries, to the bakeries!

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