NOIR About Post World War II Germany-Film Noir Festival 2014

Post World War II Germany was the background for double feature, represented by THE MURDERERS ARE AMONG US & BERLIN EXPRESS.

The Murderers Are Among Us deals with the attempt of people in the war shattered environment of Germany to move on & resume their lives. But they cannot do this without confronting their recent past. This creates conflicts, huge conflicts, about personal responsibility, collective guilt, and the horrors that a once-dominant culture imposed upon those minority populations who were locked within its boundaries. The murder of millions of civilians under the command of NAZI government cannot be overlooked. This film made in 1946, the first Post World War II German film production, focuses upon these profound issues. Hildegard Knef plays a displaced Jewish woman who successfully stops further injustice on the part of her friend who wants to avenge war crimes by taking matters into his own hands, and ending the life of the Captain who caused murders that were not related directly to the War. In the end, it is Susanne Walkner (played by Hildegard Knef) who has the inner strength to say “We cannot pass sentence.” This simple statement represents the restoration of authentic law & human rights to all Germans, and begins the healing process in the middle of the rubble, that was once Berlin. Now, a true rebirth is possible, claiming justice under law & freedom from the oppression that structured personal & collective ruin.

YOU TUBE ANALYSIS OF Die Mörder sind unter uns-1946

BERLIN EXPRESS–1948–was an American production, shot-on-location, in the ruins of Berlin & Frankfurt-am Main. It’s focus was the impending conflict over how the Allied victors of World War II, French, English, American, and Soviet (now Russian), were going to deal with administering to the division or reunification of what was left of Germany. These issues loom in the background while the most of the action and specifics related to the film’s story line take place on the passenger train (which gives the film its title). For a tiny amount of time, there seemed some hope that the “COLD WAR” could be avoided & that hope is touched upon in this film. Alas–such was not to be…but the film does illustrate that this huge wasted chapter of political, military, social, and economic history that came to be known as the “COLD WAR” could have been avoided, had the various Allied governments been more open to a higher level of thinking.

YOU TUBE OF BERLIN EXPRESS 1948/Frankfurt-am-Main

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