Lizabeth Scott (1922-2015)–Noir Will Never Be The Same…

I can’t exactly remember when I first became aware of Lizabeth Scott as an acting persona. It would have to be sometime in the Mid 1960s, when many films started to gain a following due to being televised via either the national network system, or the local/regional offshoots. My guess is that Frances Farmer may have hosted some of Lizabeth Scott’s films from her Indianapolis affiliate. ??? In any event, she made a very solid & favourable impression on me–her allure, her defiance, her real eyebrows, her lower & husky voice, all combined to show me a woman who was not quite like the other Hollywood Stars I was used to seeing.

She had a commanding presence, not beautiful like Grace Kelly, but more down-to-earth, but composed of enough glamour to lift her into what seemed a rarefied & slightly dangerous lifestyle. In her parts she was able to connive, charm, steal–and would make one horrible moral choice after another–and the men whose lives intersected with her came to a bad end. Today, we call them managers. Believe me, trust me, it was far more fun in play acting for films than the dreadful stuff of day time reality that will never be televised, nor ever see the light of day.

I miss Lizabeth Scott. I wish I could have gotten to know her–to get her take on what all those dramatic moments caught on film might have meant to her…Perhaps, it was just a job for her. But for me, it was a whole, new & strange way to see a world I would never be a part of, except either through television or at the back of an increasingly rare repertory theatre.

Farewell, Lizabeth Scott! You left us a fine legacy of the femme fatale….lessons that seemed to have been lost on the next generations who lived out what you played on-screen. Rest in peace. I hope we meet, some fine day!

You Tube Montage of TOO LATE FOR TEARS–Starring Lizabeth Scott

A Beautiful Visual Tribute to Lizabeth Scott via You Tube:

Slap for Too Late For Tears--Princess Melita Bonaparte's Parody of this splendid Noir Masterpiece!

Slap for Too Late For Tears–Princess Melita Bonaparte’s Parody of this splendid Noir Masterpiece!

A Photograph of the Actual Poster Used to Promote Too Late For Tears

Film Poster For TOO LATE FOR TEARS--on its own merit.  February 2014-Castro Theatre.

Film Poster For TOO LATE FOR TEARS–on its own merit. February 2014-Castro Theatre.


My Untold #ParanormalActivity With A Singing Banana-Finally Released!

My only encounter with a singing banana was one I got from Safeway. I just learned that Safeway is going to be purchased by some other bigger-than-Safeway company, probably owned by the Koch Brothers & Comcast. My singing banana, once safely home, told me that it was a hybrid, and that it sang like Vera Lynn. It also told me, that if I knew what was good for me, I’d better not go around making any silly Vera Lynn jokes.

My banana, then broke into a beautiful Sound-a-like Very Lynn song. I can’t say it was lip synching as the banana, hybrid or no, had no lips to synch. So, after the concert, the only sinking left was for my teeth to end the #ParanormalActivity, and to keep my word about not making any Vera Lynn jokes.

I think the Koch Brothers are so depressing, that it was an easy promise to keep to my lovely hybrid singer. So, a fond farewell, to my Vera Lynn singing sensation.

Vera Lynn, Proper & Prior To #ParanormalActivites of a Transformational Nature

For a brief, but better understanding of her role in Western History:

Dedicated to those who stood up to the forces of evil, while others fiddled almost to the point of extinction…

And Dame Vera Lynn, still living @ 97–no wonder Petula Clark keeps up her busy schedule–what a role model for any performing artist! Utterly amazing!

Who Ho? Ho Who? Wendy Ho! HOw Things Just Go Wrong!

Last night was not for the faint of heart, or the art of paint. It was for the part all of us that needs a clean dirty laugh. Mae West once said, “It’s hard to be funny if you gotta’ be clean.” We got sort of low down & went straight to the filth & rolled in it! It was huge fun–made turning 38 seem pointless, so I added a few more years for extra credit, sort of like how you’d do a school audit back in Indiana. That Tony Bennett (not the same one) did not leave any heart in this city. Why Indiana people like to go to Florida & do the same stuff they do in Indiana always was beyond me.

But back to Wendy Ho. I tried to tell her that I am her mother, had her on an airplane over Detroit airspace & I have just transitioned a whole lot since then. They took her away from me, being that I was clearly an unfit parent, and she was adopted by the hamburger Wendy’s man, and he named them after her. She just won’t believe me when I tell her all about her past. It’s a good thing, because I only tell her the nice stuff. I left out about the parts about being a drug addicted infant, did not want to cause any further trauma. But she got really good at the purse thing & is making a living. That’s good, Wendy! We got a public toilet that is supposed to have a Grand Opening–I hope you can make it when I cut the ribbon. But they still don’t have electricity. We know you don’t have to have PG&E for that, but it helps to be able to see who you are trying to get away from…


Delighted & surprised to see my other daughter, Wendy.  I haven't had the nerve to tell her about this yet.

Delighted & surprised to see my other daughter, Wendy. I haven’t had the nerve to tell her about this yet.


You can’t go around with junky looking purses. They have to look good!

Princess Melita Bonaparte Begs Paramount To Remake, Not Repave, Sunset Boulevard

Princess Melita Bonaparte, ready for her close up, says that she will base her interpretation of the part of Norma Desmond upon her exhaustive research of the life of Pola Negri.

Princess Melita Bonaparte, ready for her close up, says that she will base her interpretation of the part of Norma Desmond upon her exhaustive research of the life of Pola Negri.Princess Melita Bonaparte, klaar voor haar close-up, zegt dat zij haar interpretatie van het gedeelte van Norma Desmond zal baseren op haar uitputtend onderzoek van de levensduur van Pola Negri.

With resolve generally associated with Dutch determination to make things work, Her Serene Highness has consented to take a direct call from Paramount Executives, to begin filming “a more authentic remake” of the Gloria Swanson-William Holden classic, Sunset Boulevard. Gasps could be heard from pillar to post, at the outré of such suggestions, but never one to shirk adventure, it would not come as any surprise that Paramount might rise to the occasion. It won’t be to rent her car, she hasn’t one. “And if Paramount should fail me, then profile me on one of those American Greed episodes, so I can get my cut of the green stuff,” she implores.

Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, found something that is made in the United States of America. She wishes the best of advice as how to handle this rare item. “Should I put it with my Gutenberg Bible, or with the jewels that were handed down to me by Cleopatra? It is an extremely rare item and it is our wish to make certain that it finds the right home, to exist as proof for future generations that things were once actually manufactured here in this country.”
Hare Doorluchtigheid, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, iets gevonden dat wordt gemaakt in de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Ze wil het beste van advies hoe u dit zeldzaam object behandelen. “Moet ik het met mijn Gutenberg-bijbel, of met de juwelen die werden overgeleverd aan mij door Cleopatra? Het is een uiterst zeldzame voorwerp en het onze wens om er zeker van dat het juiste huis vindt, op te bestaan ​​als bewijs voor toekomstige generaties die dingen ooit daadwerkelijk hier in dit land werden vervaardigd.”

“I will put these rare American manufactured items up for collateral, in order to encourage investors for such a project, she has promised. “I will promote it with my heart and soul. It will sweep the Oscars, or at least the streets,” so she says.

“They were too tall to get complete focus in one shot, but I wanted to prove to investors that they were made here.”-Princess Melita Bonaparte

"You cannot find such items as this now. It is worth more than my entire jewelry collection!"

You cannot find such items as this now. It is worth more than my entire jewelry collection!”

These priceless & historic items from DART CONTAINER CORPORATION "Made in the USA."  They should be worth enough to finance my breakthrough role & provide Paramount with enough profit to buy another country for me."

“These priceless & historic items from DART CONTAINER CORPORATION “Made in the USA.” They should be worth enough to finance my breakthrough role & provide Paramount with enough profit to buy another country for me.”


Wishing you all a Happy St Patrick’s Day From Glenn Acornn–someone found him in an alley & got him in rehab.

MELITA FASHIONISTA? Thoughts of Life After Diana Vreeland-Icon of Instinct, Intellegence, & Insight

IMG_1623Princess Melita Bonaparte 20 February 2013-@ Banana Republic (she hates the word republic) sponsored Vreeland Documentary

IMG_1622 The Princess With Melesio Nunez Pondering Their Next Fashion Passion?

THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL was shown with director Lisa Vreeland in attendance. After the screening, many thoughtful questions were raised by San Francisco legend, Joy Venturini Bianchi. Prior to show time, both were in the mezzanine & graciously supplied the Bonaparte Princess with autographs.

During some of our reading we came upon the concept of nepotism when one reviewer complained about one of Diana Vreeland’s great-granddaughter’s reading of her Great grandmother’s early magazine articles. We had to gasp at that one. Among other things, the film attempted to provide (but not dwell on) the context of family in her larger-than-life biography, referring to her parents, children, and being directed by her grand daughter-in-law. Bonapartes bask in nepotism. There were certainly other issues worth discussion.

It is clear, Diana Vreeland had an unerring eye for detail, colours, context, trends, and mixing the unexpected with the classic. Those who were elevated to her inner circle certainly benefited from her as long as they remained in her good graces. But that’s where the eye has to blink, and the mind needs to wonder, maybe even wander a bit. Perfection & blazing passion for control over her vision worked, making her the cultural “Empress of Fashion.” Did she need to sacrifice being nice to do this? Nice does not, in our thinking, equate with milquetoast. Instead, it allows a leader to naturally show respect & kindness to others, lifting them up, sharing your journey & your insights in a way to allow them the space they need. It’s clear, this was not part of her equation. She was not a nice person. You can get that from the muddle of confusion that her children express during their screen time. Diana Vreeland was a leader who inspired, yes, but she seemed to inspire an awe based more on terror & imitation, rather than an inspiration that was allowed to be transforming.

Of note, we wonder if it was in upholding this nature of vindictiveness that inspired the director to intentionally have Ali Magraw’s contribution shown in the worst possible lighting imaginable? Was this a Diana Vreeland-inspired punishment for a person speaking her mind, sharing memories that were less than 100% adulation?

It’s terrific to be a leader, wonderful to have ambition & success–Diana Vreeland, in the American tradition of self invention (shared with among others not so nice, The Duchess of Windsor). But can one really fathom the trade-offs, the hurts that were rendered along the way, that make a success like this possible?

We may just be improbably optimistic, but we think you can have your cake & eat it too, without inflicting rudeness or pain upon those who work with you. Imagine, just what if she had done all of this & had been nice too ‘the help’ in the process? What a story that would make!


Actually, I like to think of this as a tribute: To all of the varied, interesting, fun, informative, and wonderful events Marc Huestis has produced. I think my personal favourite will always be the first one I remember attending: Barbara Parkins & the screening of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. What a splendid list of chapters he as added to the Castro Theatre & San Francisco’s cultural landscape.

Now, as for Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, the theft, the bogus passports, the hair styled by mouse infested pillows! The face that’s never seen soap & water: her idea of grooming is to put another layer of makeup on her Chernobyl facelifts. She’s armed, dangerous, and always unbuckles her seat belt while the flight attendants are serving her that ‘free’ diet soda. She does this just because of that twisted part of her mind that wants to get away with doing things she knows better than to do. Will that 1937 Buick ever be found? Will popcorn sales receipts ever balance when she’s around? Will the French government give up the 5th Republic & embrace the 3rd Empire? Yes, she’ll just go on & on with her Russian scorched earth policy. The French will be worn down, as will the Americans, & she’ll run both countries. It’s inevitable. It will hit Red & Blue States equally. She’s an equal opportunity absolute monarch.

Marc Huestis appears calm with Empire builder Princess Melita Bonaparte-14 February 2013-@ the Joey Arias 'Love Swings' concert.

Marc Huestis appears calm with Empire builder Princess Melita Bonaparte-14 February 2013-@ the Joey Arias ‘Love Swings’ concert.

She never gives up! Poor Veronica Klaus, your earrings? Have you still got them? Oh, they’re missing? I tried to tell you. She found a pawn shop on her way back to the Tenderloin. She’s tricky! I am warning you! Give her the Elba room she needs.