For A Few Moments, Let Jonathan Biss Channel Robert Schumann

I was introduced to composer Robert Schumann in a rather conventional manner, via a Music Appreciation course, taught @ Butler University, Indianapolis. I loved Robert Schumann’s music from the moment I heard it. Over the years since being introduced to it, I have played various recordings thousands of times. In this brief You Tube, pianist Jonathan Biss discusses the influence of Robert Schumann on his life. He has become one of the foremost contemporary interpreters of his music. I was fortunate enough to attend his performance of the Schumann Piano Concerto in A-minor. It ranked up there with the interpretation given generations ago by Dame Myra Hess. It’s clear both of them understood the inner sanctum that Robert Schumann expressed via his music. Their gift to the world was/is being able to have the technical expertise & love of the composer & his music & share that with the world.

Jonathan Biss: About Robert Schumann

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