Princess Melita Bonaparte Horrifies Jesse Hawthorne Ficks @ Midnite For Maniacs!

Adding her own brand of MOST EXCELLENT bewilderment of the world of “Man Children,” the Bonaparte Princess whose name does not appear in the Almanach de Gotha, hogged the show, at the expense of the attempts of Mr Hawthorne Ficks to bring a bit of light to a foggy town.  For Her Serene Highness, the fog  just never lifts.  It was wiser &  easier for Mr Hawthorne Ficks to pose with this odd character than to call the police.  She seems to thrive by glomming on to the bona fide accomplishments of others, rather than to do anything worth while  on her own.  There ought to be laws!   Fortunately, the inner horror (& perhaps even terror) of the evening came & went to the relief of all concerned. The non-famous Bonaparte Princess did not even grace the Creme Brulee Cart with an appearance, and did not attempt to coerce patrons for the adult version of lemon drops @ the nearby pub. Nothing worthwhile came from her ever, not even an attempt to stimulate the economy! Oh, what a ghastly mess she brings! Something must be done to stop this social abomination. Can we get someone from the Vatican to adopt her? Can Supervisor Scott Wiener intervene here & ship her to Elba, where she might find a more appropriate & familiar comfort zone? Can he initiate an Ordinance to protect decent people from her brand of overkill fashion calamities? This sight for sore eyes needs a site of her own, a locked ward, perhaps. Twitter world royalty is better off without her.

By the way, the shows for the evening, Wayne’s World, Step Brothers, and Freddy Got Fingered were just way too close to the truth for her inner man-child & she wandered the darkened streets aimlessly after the screenings unable to grasp these concepts. Help her!

911 operators need to work double shifts when this Bonaparte Princess attempts to steal cameras, shows, identities, grave markers.  She knows no boundaries.

911 operators need to work double shifts when this Bonaparte Princess attempts to steal cameras, shows, identities, gravemarkers. She knows no boundaries. She needs all the help she can get, but no one can deal with her messed up efforts @ bringing back monarchy.

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