Atlas Stands Unnoticed Before The Holy Wisdom

I started this painting in 2007. It was rejected. I repainted it, after years of pain, in 2010, understanding it was growth which caused both the pain & the release of the cause of that pain. Now, the painting is free & in so being, it has released me from much sadness.

Art Game III

Kiity Cat Sidewalk-San Francisco Street Art

This is a result of my point & click camera. The Art Game series has inspired me to record the art I see around me in San Francisco on a daily basis. Not all art has to be within the walls of a museum or a palace. It can be part of your daily life, if you let it. I call this one Kitty Cat Sidewalk, not knowing who created it, nor what (if any) name was given to it. It was taken not very far from where I work.

CODA: I had a funny, sweet, naughty, smartest-cat-in-the-world. Her name was Marnie, after the Alfred Hitchcock movie. To the best of my ability to know, the only thing she ever shoplifted was my heart. She was in my life for 15 years, before she died. I miss her very much. To Marnie, my little meow-face!


HOW TO HAVE A CLEAN KITCHEN:  The Lesson Even Martha Stewart Forgot To Share!

This is the simplest way to keep your kitchen clean, outside of acting out homicidal tendencies that could be very well appropriate for slobs. Just keep the gun in a locked place, & don’t eat too much candy–you can have dairy, as long as you don’t spill it!



Princess Melita Bonaparte Congratulates President Obama, Plants Candy Corn!

Bonaparte Princess Accepts President Obama’s Offer For Antarctica Ambassadorship-Joint Venture With France.

Also offers advice about planting candy corn…

Art Game II

South East Asian Dance by Martha Outt Harns

This is a water colour painting by my cousin, Martha Outt Harns, done in 1987.  She is now 87 years old & sadly, lives in a residential facility for Alzheimer’s Disease patients.  I wanted to post this as part of the Art Game series as a tribute to the body of work that she left us.  This painting shows some degree of Thai dance culture, in terms of  the hand & finger positions, but the costume design, as I understand it, is her interpretation or composite of similar costumes from South East Asia.

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Art Game

Art Game

!940s Photograph of Walt Disney & Salvador Dali

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Yammer About Twitter

What follows is a short blog-a compare & contrast of the portals Yammer & Twitter

The Market Street Corporate Headquarters for San Francisco-based Twitter & Yammer–two for the price of one in a fine, art deco building!

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