P R AY   F O R   G L E N N    A C O R N N !

He was last seen Christmas in Antarctica. Yesterday, his hat was found. His plight of Twinkie deprivation could garner international co-operation & achieve world peace. His contact address for all food & medical needs: Glenn Acornn, Queen Maude’s Land, Antartica. Pray for him. Pray for him…

Bottom Feeder, Glen Acornn, Left To Rot!

Bottom Feeder, Glen Acornn Left To Rot.

Bottom Feeder, Glen Acornn, Left To Rot!

The miserable quality of Glen Acornn’s life is made public, as he learns that his wife went on a binge eating spree with food that was intended to save him from starvation. Christmas never looked less inviting. Live from the South Pole!

Princess Melita Bonaparte Congratulates President Obama, Plants Candy Corn!

Bonaparte Princess Accepts President Obama’s Offer For Antarctica Ambassadorship-Joint Venture With France.

Also offers advice about planting candy corn…

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