Dia de los Muertos–2 November 2013

This has been long-held tradition that has only recently been given appropriate space & attention by the San Francisco community at large. It has finally come to be seen as something that is for everyone. I attended my first procession three years ago. After returning home, I understood that I had missed a lot by not paying more attention to what is so nearby & so very available, if you just take a moment to see it.

This is my very first altar dedicated to Dia de los Muertos--from Corona Heights with love!

This is my very first altar dedicated to Dia de los Muertos–from Corona Heights with love!

I do hope for the next year’s Dia de los Muertos that website & poster designs will use the day-month-year format. It is more in keeping with correct usage with the Spanish language. Additionally, this format looks better, and follows the logic in keeping time–staring from the smaller unit (day) to the larger unit (year), making a complete circle. The way American usage has evolved symbolically disrupts the natural flow of things. Perhaps, there’s a message of thought change that is embedded in this concept?

If you look, you will see Edith Massey (it is a framed post card actually written to me by John Waters–and no, I am NOT kidding!-he sent it to acknowledge a horrible crime story from the Los Angeles Times I sent to him about a person who set a taxi-cab driver on fire!). You will also see my beloved Princess Melba Bonaparte, who calls herself Peaches Christ. Jesus, I am so glad Mrs Christ took her! Then, there is a drawing of Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, in a cheesy, plastic frame I found in pieces on a parked car that had a ticket on it. I used Gorilla Glue, and put the frame all back together, and it was perfect for the Perpetually Exiled Imperial Bonaparte. Please notice, the programme from the fabulosa CARRIE: The Musical! That was an entirely different spin of the bottle for that story, it took the subject matter very seriously & I was impressed with the quality of the performance & just wanted to take the mother home with me, to make me put my Office clutter in order, after a prayer session! The tank top draped over the lamp is from San Franpsycho, a store on Divisadero that deserves your Death Cult Dollars! The book, I Yelped loud & long about the rudeness of the staff of that store: Loved To Death–they need to read up everything Miss Manners has ever written. The name of that book (get it online, prevent storekeeper bullying!) is Heavenly Bodies–more about that later–by Paul Koudounaris. It’s a keeper, but the store needs new managers. So spend your Death Cult Dollars someplace else! See you Saturday! The dead don’t like rude staff people, and they have their ways…

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