Art Game II

South East Asian Dance by Martha Outt Harns

This is a water colour painting by my cousin, Martha Outt Harns, done in 1987.  She is now 87 years old & sadly, lives in a residential facility for Alzheimer’s Disease patients.  I wanted to post this as part of the Art Game series as a tribute to the body of work that she left us.  This painting shows some degree of Thai dance culture, in terms of  the hand & finger positions, but the costume design, as I understand it, is her interpretation or composite of similar costumes from South East Asia.

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  1. I just posted this, really for my own purposes & am so very touched by the loving responses. I went to visit her during Memorial Day weekend. She still remembered me. Alzheimer’s Disease took my mother also. So, I am no stranger to the loss it inflicts. We must do our best to remember them, because we know who they are. Her influence upon me was profound. I hope to return to New Mexico to see her next year, if Universal Law will permit.

  2. This is a very interesting painting done by your cousin. Sorry to hear about her medical condition. Where is this painting being displayed?

    • She is in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Has resided there many,many years. I went to see her in May 2012.

    • I forgot to answer your question: I have placed it @ my work desk–there was a bunch of ‘stuff’ that came up about the books I had on my overhead shelf. Was told by facilities that, in the event of an earthquake, that the books would surely fall off the shelf & cause my death and/or dismemberment. I replaced the books with her painting. If anything caused our deaths, it will be the collapse of the building or the crashing down of the ceiling tiles. One lesson from life, two actually: You cannot argue with stupid. You cannot talk to a parking meter. It’s just the way it is. I let them win. Letting others win is sometimes the best way.

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